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Larsen’s Manufacturing Company is a leader in the building construction and fire protection equipment industry. With over 40 years of unsurpassed quality manufacturing

– Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
– Fire Extinguishers
– Fire Hose & Valve Cabinets
– Fire Blanket Cabinets

Multi Purpose Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Pressurized Water Extinguisher

Water Mist Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Regular Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Architectural Series
(multiple variations available)

Cameo Series
(Cylindrical Bubble Door Cabinets)

Gemini Series
(Frameless Acrylic Door Cabinets)

Medallion Series
(Brass/Bronze Door Cabinets)

Occult Series
(Concealed Hinge Door Cabinets)

Rota Series
(Turntable Door Cabinets)

Vista Series
(Bevel Edge Bubble Door Cabinets)